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Anjali is a Sanskrit word that means, “Gracious and Divine Gift,” or “Sacred Offering.” Anjali Healing Arts, then, is a sacred offering of the divine gift of healing arts therapies. 


Working with Darius has provided me with gentle, supportive guidance, reminding me that it is safe to be present with my body’s pain as well as its own wisdom. After years of being stuck in my head, I am learning to still my thoughts, explore my body-awareness, and allow for an effective means to deeper healing.
— K.A., Female, 41, Depression, Abuse, Trauma
Darius has a wonderfully soothing voice and generous smile that always puts me at ease when I’m working with him. I feel that he is genuinely interested in my life story and the road ahead. Prior to working with Darius I had only used meditation as a form of relaxation. In several of our sessions, however, Darius and I have explored meditation as a means to get in touch with deep seated emotions and the physical manifestations of those emotions in my body. These sessions helped me to realize these sensations as they occur in real life situations. Recognizing these sensations has allowed me to explore ways to better cope with them as they arise.
— C.R., Male, 35, Anger, Depression, Low Self-Esteem
Darius has been a huge support for us as a couple during major life changes. Through his guidance and compassion, we have built a more honest, strong, and passionate relationship. Darius’s ability to work with us through the difficult times and help us find clarity has changed the way the both of us interact in the world. Not only have we grown as a couple, but also as individuals. Darius has an immense capacity to foster authenticity in relationships. He leads this by example and through his work. Our relationship has been blessed by his help and we will always be grateful of Darius.
— A.A & L.G., Communication, Intimacy, Life Transition as Couple
I started seeing Darius because my wife told me if I didn’t get help for my anger and drinking, she was taking the kids and leaving. My performance at work was so shitty that I was placed on probation, and I knew that I was miserable but not how to talk about it. I was on the verge of losing my marriage, my family, my job, and my mind. I grew up learning that a man is a provider and a protector. You don’t go around talking about your feelings, and you definitely don’t show your wife and kids that you’re weak and unable to keep it together. It wasn’t until I started working with Darius that I learned I internalized these “unspoken rules” from my father’s behavior, who also happened to have anger and drinking issues, and that I had the power to un-learn them and make my own rules for how I wanted to be a man, father, and husband. We’ve worked on understanding my relationship with alcohol and how it ties directly to how my relationship is with myself and my family.

After just 5 sessions with Darius things were completely different. I initially felt weird about the body and mindfulness stuff, but now I love it. It’s crazy how fast it worked. I started learning how to recognize emotions other than anger and rage, something Darius actually had to teach me. I learned how my feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are connected, how they show up in my body and what happens when I express some things and not others. After 3 months of working with Darius, I changed so much that my wife actually baked Darius her famous chocolate zucchini bread and brought it to him in person to thank him and hug him for how much he helped me. It’s been 6 months and I still see Darius every week. I’m no longer in danger of losing my wife and family, and I decided to leave my job for one that is less miserable. Since I know I don’t have to hide my feelings and I’m no longer afraid of being vulnerable around my wife and kids, I don’t need to get drunk every night and actually look forward to coming home again. There aren’t enough words to express how thankful I am for what Darius has helped me with. I continue to learn so much about myself and how to be the kind of man that’s true to who I am and what I believe and value. My wife, my kids, and I are forever grateful to Darius, and I recommend him to anybody who really wants to know themselves better and really change their life.
— M.G., Male, 42, Anger, Alcohol, Job Dissatisfaction, Personal Growth
I have quickly benefitted from the integrated approach and positive, nurturing environment that Darius creates for our therapy sessions. It’s given me a secure and safe place to explore painful issues and his guidance is both practical and uplifting in helping me gain whole body insight and healing.
— L.B., Male, 45, Overcoming Negative Behaviors, Life Transition, Personal Growth
I find Darius’ approach to mindfulness and whole-body awareness to be a very effective healing method. He has a comforting and genuinely accepting demeanor that promotes honest dialogue and allows for many different ways of seeing and experiencing the world.
— J.E., Female, 33, Personal Growth, Transition after Divorce
I came to Darius, stiff, hurting, afraid of my body, afraid to be in it, and afraid that it would leave me altogether. I’d lost my breasts to cancer, my health, flexibility and stamina weakened by chemotherapy, radiation and multiple surgeries. I missed my body, but had lost my way back; my many scars and wounds had become a roadblock to healing, to re-inhabiting myself. Working with Darius through somatic yoga healed me on many levels; he helped bring me home to myself

With individualized attention to each subtle movement, lift, breath, stretch... Darius coaxed me through with tenderness, skill and gentle awareness. He welcomed and witnessed my tears and grief—as well as the joy—brought forth by the releasing, the opening of my tightened and battered body, creating a safe space to reclaim energy, light and warmth. Darius brought me back into my body, skillfully easing me into the painful, stiff shell that had once been strong, muscular and whole. He held my sadness with kind attention and compassion, allowing, creating and supporting movements and breath that, inhale by exhale, stretch and release, moved me toward strength, healing and wholeness. With each hour-long session, I felt honored rather than judged, encouraged instead of pushed, and guided through the healing yoga process with authentic, genuine knowing. I will be forever grateful to Darius for his artful, experienced teaching, support and energy which he continues to offer and share as I move forward in my healing journey.
— V.M., Female, 55, Depression, Trauma, Cancer Survivor
GREAT YOGA EXPERIENCE! I have practiced yoga for over 6 years, so finding a good yoga instructor was very important for me. I tried a couple of places and classes, but I didn’t find knowledgeable and challenging yet compassionate and accessible instructor until I went to Darius. Through his somatics practices, I learned how to listen to my body’s natural wisdom, and move and express myself according to that wisdom. After a couple months of sessions with Darius, we began practicing a style of vinyasa for anxiety and depression. Physically, it is a bit more challenging than the others, but it brings me into the present moment and I feel so good after each session. I look forward to it every week. Darius creates a peaceful, inviting, and nonjudgmental environment that allows me to honestly explore my body. Just being in the space he creates makes me feel calm, which frees me up to really feel joy that I’m learning is always there. Darius’ care and respect for his students is made tangible through his mindful presence, gentleness and proficiency. His ability to poetically guide you to your inner-wisdom is simply mind-blowing! I couldn’t have asked for a better yoga experience or instructor.
— D.C., Female, 31, Anxiety
I knew I wanted to enjoy the benefits of yoga but felt really intimidated to take a yoga class. I heard about Darius and decided to give him a try. I couldn’t have had a better experience! Even though it had been a while since I last did yoga, I felt very comfortable. He gave very clear instruction, explanation, and gentle corrections in a very warm and lighthearted way. Working with Darius on Fridays is my new favorite way to leave the stress of the workweek behind and ease into weekend relaxation mode. I’ve noticed I feel stronger every single week, and because Darius tailors the yoga to fit not just my body my personality as well, our sessions are both fun and relaxing, and seriously challenging, which is exactly what I want and need! My work with him has really helped me stay sane in what probably should have been a hectic transition period in my life.
— M.B., Female, 24, Anxiety, Life Transition, Physical Health Issues
Yoga with Darius has by far become one of the most helpful and necessary components in nourishing my well-being. Darius has an innate ability to create and facilitate an environment made of love, warmth, and pure heart. Darius beautifully creates and holds a space that allows his heart-wisdom to gently and profoundly guide one more deeply into states of self-acceptance, presence with the moment and to-the-core healing. Sessions with Darius help the stress of my life drip away so that my radiant heart has more space to breathe. I am extremely grateful to have found him and see him as a shining light of a teacher and guide.
— Merryl Rothaus, LPC, LMHC, ATR-BC