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Anjali is a Sanskrit word that means, “Gracious and Divine Gift,” or “Sacred Offering.” Anjali Healing Arts, then, is a sacred offering of the divine gift of healing arts therapies. 


What is embodied self-awareness?

Embodied Self-Awareness is the ability to pay attention to our sensations, emotions, body shape, and movements, in the present moment, without the mediating influence of judgmental thoughts. Another term for embodied self-awareness is body sense.

What are signs of compromised holistic health & embodied self-awareness?

Unfortunately, people losing touch with their bodies is commonplace in our thinking-favored society. This is problematic, because being out of touch with the body, or impaired embodied self-awareness, also compromises holistic (physical, mental, spiritual) health, and leads to dysfunctional patterns of relating to self and to others. 

Some common indictors of impaired body sense (embodied self-awareness) are muscle pain/tension; restricted movement; interpersonal/relational difficulties; depression; anxiety; addiction; eating and body image disorders; sexual dysfunction; and dissociation. 

The Anjali Healing Arts Approach to holistic health & embodied self-awareness addresses these and other areas of wellbeing impacted by compromised body sense. 

What is your approach to psychotherapy and embodied self-awareness?

Mindfulness-based (focusing on the here and now experience, with openness, curiosity, and compassion, rather than with judgment) body-centered (relying on the body as a present-moment, living wealth of wisdom, information, and healing), transpersonal (incorporating the spiritual aspects of your mental, emotional, and physical experience in the here in now), and existential (experientially exploring the "how" of the here and now, versus talking about it). You can find more information about the Anjali Healing Arts Approach here.     

What do couples holistic health & embodied self-awareness sessions involve?

The way we hold and move with the body plays an immense role in how we non-verbally and subconsciously communicate with our environment, express our needs, frustrations, love, and affection, and regulate/dysregulate ourselves and others interpersonally. Couples participating in Holistic Health & Embodied Self-Awareness practices can expect to collaboratively explore each person's movement vocabulary, or body language, in relationship. Once you’ve worked together to gain some familiarity with your individual variations of somatic expression, we go on to explore how each of you use your movement vocabulary to negotiate each other’s responses to your specific styles of expression.

How long is a session?

Individual sessions are 50 minutes. Couples sessions are 80 minutes. Depending on need and health value, opportunities to schedule longer sessions are available.

What are your rates?

I charge $125 for individual sessions and $150 for couples sessions. The sessions are charged differently due to the difference in session duration, as mentioned directly above. 

What if I’m really interested in beginning this work but can’t afford your rates?

I am deeply committed to making the services at Anjali Healing Arts accessible to those who want to experience, but lack financial resources to take advantage of, their holistic health benefits. Please read more about my effort to make this possible.

How soon after beginning this work can I expect to see changes in my holistic health and embodied self-awareness?

Every body is beautifully unique, and everybody is wonderfully different. Some clients have reported an immediate expansion in their capacity to sense themselves and feel comfortable in their skin. Still other clients have held more deeply entrenched psycho-somatic (mind-body) patterns of dis-ease and dysfunction, and such individuals require significantly more time. As for a strictly approximate time range, one can expect to engage this work for at least 3-6 months and, at most 1-several years. 

The amount of time it takes to manifest your desired outcome largely depends on your particular patterns, your past and present experiences, your goals, and your level of motivation and commitment. I usually encourage clients who show concern about this issue to relax their hold on a specific timeline, as focusing too much on how long creates a tunnel vision of expectation that can eclipse our sight of how change is already occurring. As the healing work of embodied self-awareness deepens, most clients find they are able to access and trust their Body Wisdom—the natural pace and rhythm of one's body—and their question of "how long will it take before my body changes" is dissolved by their direct experience of how their body is being changed in the here and now.  


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