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Anjali is a Sanskrit word that means, “Gracious and Divine Gift,” or “Sacred Offering.” Anjali Healing Arts, then, is a sacred offering of the divine gift of healing arts therapies. 


Cosmos | Psyche | Soma: Healing the Hidden Wounds™

Cosmos|Psyche|Soma: Healing the Hidden Wounds™
to Jan 13

Cosmos|Psyche|Soma: Healing the Hidden Wounds™

Cosmos|Psyche|Soma|Healing the Hidden Wounds Ÿalso known as “The Chiron Workshop,” is a holistic workshop exploring how past astrological, psychological, and physiological events inform maladaptive patterns in the present. Unpack aspects of your personal cosmology concerning core trauma, invisible wounds, and unconscious beliefs that negatively shape your attachment/relationship style. Learn mind, body, and spirit-based exercises that promote compassionate self-awareness, emotional regulation, and self-care. Recognize & reframe toxic self-narratives that reinforce undesirable behaviors. Practice conscious realignment with your healthiest self. The perfect way to begin a New Year, having new experiences that will teach you new patterns to create & enjoy a new life—come initiate your innate power to transform pain into presence & purpose, and give yourself the fresh start you desire & deserve!


FRIDAY: JANUARY 11, 2019 @ 6:30PM - 8:30PM


Learn about Chiron as a representation of the Wounded Healer from a mythological, astrological (personal & collective), and psychological perspective. Dive into an invigorating, body-based, mindfulness exercise that encourages: personal, spatial, and energetic awareness; decoding movement vocabulary and patterns; and uncovering unconscious beliefs, triggers, projections that occur in interpersonal relationships/dynamics. This evening discussion and experiential will lay the foundation for the rest of the workshop. It will end with guided progressive relaxation and supported restoration to facilitate holistic absorption of the new material covered.

SATURDAY: JANUARY 12, 2019 @ 10:00AM - 5:00PM


Part I: Movement as a Language | How your Body Speaks Your Mind

Enjoy an introductory discussion on the 6 fundamental movements of human growth & development and their role in self-regulation and the expression of our needs. Practice playful somatic exercises designed to enhance felt sense, and bring more attention and understanding to your personal movement vocabulary. Examine how you use the fundamental movements to navigate and negotiate your needs in relationship.

Part II: How Did I Get Here | Soul Trauma, Survival Strategies & Psychic Stuckness

Chiron’s position in your birth chart, attachment theory, and chakra psychology help you sort out and take inventory of your attachment (relationship) and development (emotional/psychological growth) bank. Re-searching places of stuckness that act as underlying sources of damaging patterns, hurtful conditioning, personal injustices, and painful trauma, the goal is to unveil any unmet needs that are hiding as wounds and awaiting your acknowledgment, attention, and care.

Part III: Feel It to Heal It

Journey to the heart of this workshop as you journey to the core of your wounding experience. Discover & extract the distinct medicine you need and that can only be sourced from knowing, holding, and owning your unique Chironian wounding. Learn and apply a specific system of somatics that will aid you in loosening the grips of the past by: accessing, embracing, and embodying some of your greatest tenderness and vulnerability; melting muscular armor; disarming destructive defense patterns; and engaging & exchanging ineffective energetic charges. This portion of the workshop concludes with a sweet, soulful, guided meditation created to soothe your mind, support your body, nurture your heart, and honor your soul.

SUNDAY: JANUARY 13, 2019 @ 10:00AM - 5:00PM


Supported by new insights into your astrological background and history of core wounding, explore what makes you susceptible to undesirable mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational states. Develop greater awareness around links between internal triggers, belief structures, and behavioral/relational tendencies, and practice using a variety of mind, body, spirit, and stars-based exercises aimed at reducing the holistic damage of your activated core wounds. Develop an individualized “Holistic Wellness Plan” for your healing needs, including yoga, mantra, meditation, massage, nutrition, ritual, astrological, and cognitive-behavioral “prescriptions” for maintaining and evolving your capacity for compassionate self-awareness, self-care, and personal growth. This will be a full day of restoration, relaxation, renewal, and ritual.


$180 “New Moon Registration” December 7, 2018 - December 20, 2018

$190 “Solstice Registration December 21, 2018

$200 “Holiday Registration December 22, 2018- December 31, 2018

$225 “Late Registration” January 1, 2019 - January 4, 2019

We will have 1 break on Fri, and 2 mini + 1-hour lunch breaks on Sat & Sun. While a light buffet of snacks will be provided Sat & Sun, it is still advised that you plan to bring or buy your lunch.

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