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Anjali is a Sanskrit word that means, “Gracious and Divine Gift,” or “Sacred Offering.” Anjali Healing Arts, then, is a sacred offering of the divine gift of healing arts therapies. 



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 Welcome! My name is Darius, Mindful Living Consultant & Embodied Self-Awareness Practitioner of Anjali Healing Arts. The healing modalities I offer through Anjali Healing Arts are powerfully inspired by a passion for helping people—those who struggle with painful, devitalizing, and disembodying issues, and those looking for new life-enhancing tools to maintain or refine their current state of wellbeing. Through whichever lens clients have identified themselves and their reasons for seeking my services, the mainstay of my professional life over the last 12 years has been a fierce dedication to offering mindfulness-based and body-centered practices that help cultivate greater self-awareness, awaken somatic intelligence, drastically improve life-quality and wellbeing, and catalyze holistic healing and self-embodiment.

As a keeper and practitioner of the potent healing modalities offered through Anjali Healing Arts, it is my responsibility to remain abreast of the latest developments that yield insight into the human condition. My extensive education and training in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, the Hakomi Method of Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Yoga, Somatics, and other mind-body-spirit-centered philosophies and practices has profoundly deepened my knowledge, understanding, and use of the healing arts as therapeutic gifts. Incorporating these healing arts modalities into my work with clients is what makes my approach to holistic health and embodied self-awareness one that is not only integrative and transpersonal but also cutting-edge, dynamic, effective, and transformational. 

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MA, Transpersonal Counseling Psychology ||  Naropa University

Registered Psychotherapist 

Certified Addiction Counselor - III 

Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor 

Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500)



Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation Instructor 

 Yoga for Anxiety & Depression 

Somatic/Gentle/Chakra/Restorative Yoga 

Mind-Body Integration Specialist (MBIS) 

Yoga for Eating Disorders Facilitator

Eat, Breathe, Thrive (EBT)® Facilitator


The Hakomi Method of Psychotherapy || The Hakomi Institute, Boulder, CO 

Mind-Body Integration for Somatic Therapy || Sacred Centers, Novato, CA 

Trauma Recovery Protocol || The Love and Trauma Center, Denver, CO

Addiction Focused Trauma Recovery Protocol || The Love and Trauma Center, Denver, CO

Yoga for Eating Disorders || The Give Back Yoga Foundation, Boulder, CO